A compassion-driven initiative.



Here at the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System, we believe teachers hold the key to the future. And, of course, we have a special place in our heart for science teachers who encourage students of all ages to acquire curiosity about our world and all the creatures, including us humans, that inhabit it.

A wide variety of under-appreciated professionals have helped us navigate the ongoing pandemic—health care workers, grocery store workers, delivery drivers of all varieties, repairmen and women, and many others. But we consider teachers critical front-line workers, too. 

All organizations have been challenged to adjust this year, but few have managed as much pressure as schools—a fact that every teacher and parent can attest to. Our collective hats are off. We thank you for all you do in these uncertain times.

So we wondered if there was something we could do during this difficult time to help improve teacher access to our models and instructional materials, particularly for schools working with under-served student populations. 


To that end, we are announcing a new program that will loan ANATOMY IN CLAY® classroom packages, complete with MANIKEN® models, tools, clay and instructional materials, for a full semester of use.


Here’s how it works: 


You'll work with your Education Consultant to determine the number of models and support materials your classroom will need for a full semester of use. (6-8 MANIKEN® models depending on the size of your class.)


Your organization only pays for the shipping/handling and the clay.


Your classroom is granted full use of all models, clay, tools and support materials for up to 5 months, or upon the conclusion of your semester.


At the end of your loaner program, your Education Consultant will contact you to see how the program went and to discuss next steps with you.