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ZSR-101: Terra Cotta (Muscles)
ZSR-102: Natural (Tendons)
ZSR-104: Red (Arteries)
ZSR-105: Orange (Digestive System)
ZSR-106: Yellow (Nerves)
ZSR-107: Green (Lymphatic System)
ZSR-108: Blue (Veins)
ZSR-111: Clay Sampler
ZSR-110: Student Model Clay Bundle
ZSR-113: Flat Terra Cotta Clay Sheets 

One of the great features of our learning system is its reusability. Unlike with dissection where you have to constantly purchase, use and dispose of specimens, our clay and models can be used over and over again.


The oil-based clay can be used for years.

The individual colors are available by the pound (2 slabs/lb).


The Clay Sampler (ZSR-111) includes one slab of every color.

The Student Model Clay Bundle (ZSR-110) includes 2.5lbs of terra cotta clay. and .5lbs of all other colors. This is the best option if you're looking to replace all of the clay that initially came with your MANIKEN® Student 2 Model

New! Flat terra cotta clay sheets | Sold in a bundle of 10 X 1 pound flat sheets.

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