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…students enjoy working with clay, and I love working among them, teaching, helping, and listening. It’s so gratifying to hear them using anatomical terminology when they don’t even know I’m listening.

Mary Simmons

Mary Simmons, Anatomy & Physiology Teacher, Palmer High School, Colorado Springs, CO

…I also learned things I never really understood after 30 years in nursing because the models allow you to visualize in 3-D and make more physiologic correlations. Thanks Zahourek.

Joleen Rinaldo

Secondary Med Prep Instructor, Northeastern Junior College, Sterling, CO

…I have seen a dramatic increase in student interest, enthusiasm, and understanding…I even have parents telling me how much their kids love anatomy and using the Anatomy in Clay® Learning System… the light bulbs go on over their heads when they “get it,” and fun to watch them succeed when I’ve pushed them beyond where they thought they could go.

Deb Yats

Biology Teacher, Nouvel Catholic Central High School, Saginaw, MI

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