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Professional Developments


Attended by thousands of educators across the nation, our Professional Developments are designed to re-ignite passion in the classroom by implementing new ideas in experiential learning. Our active, hands-on approach to teaching anatomy empowers attendees to take back to their classrooms: anatomy content, new assessments, PBL lesson plans, teaching skills, and classroom management techniques -- all by building and connecting body systems in clay on a variety of “living” Maniken® human models.

Live Virtual Events

Upcoming Live Events

Detroit, MI MBS PD Cover-2.png

Detroit, MI | 2-Day

Musculoskeletal & Body Systems

August 22 & 23, 2024

Register Early & Save!
Use promo code EBDET100 by 06/28/24 to Save $100! 
Chicago, IL MBS PD Cover.png

Chicago, IL | 2-Day

Musculoskeletal & Body Systems

September 13 & 14, 2024

Register Early & Save!
Use promo code EBDCHI100 by 07/19/24 to Save $100! 
Boston, MA MBS PD Cover.png

Boston, MA | 2-Day

Musculoskeletal & Body Systems

September 27 & 28, 2024

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Use promo code EBBOST100 by 06/21/24 to Save $100! 
San Antonio, TX MBS PD Cover (1).png

San Antonio, TX | 2-Day

Musculoskeletal & Body Systems

October 4 & 5, 2024

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Use promo code EBSA100 by 08/02/24 to Save $100! 
Phoenix, AZ Basic Human Body Systems PD Cover-2.png

Phoenix, AZ | 1-Day

Basic Human Body Systems

October 19, 2024

Register Early & Save!
Use promo code EBPHX50 by 08/31/24 to Save $50! 
Privately Hosted

Privately Hosted Events


Privately hosted events are best if you need to organize Health Science Education for a large group, or if you are looking to fill specific Professional Development/In-Service dates.


Benefits include:

  • Travel to the location of your choice, limiting educators’ travel expenses and prioritizing convenience.

  • Minimum attendance is not required. The event will go on whether you have one attendee or fifty.

  • An event exclusive to you, reengaging peer-to-peer collaboration.

  • One flat rate based on number of attendees.

  • Complete control over dates and times.

Live Virtual options are available.

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Connect with your Education Consultant for a customized quote.

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