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EZ-Squeeze Extruder Kit ZSR-316CP

EZ-Squeeze Extruder Kit


This EZ-Squeeze Extruder Kit takes the struggle out of extruding clay. Just load the Clay Gun as normal and fit it into the EZ-Squeeze Handle. The handle has it's own plunger to push the clay. The leverage of the adapter makes for effortless extruding of even the smallest shapes.

Traditionally, four colors of clay are extruded: red (arteries), blue (veins), yellow (nerves), and green (lymphatic system). Therefore, a minimum of four extruders are recommended per classroom. 

  • EZ Squeeze Clay Gun Handle
  • Clay Gun Extruder with a variety of tip sizes and shapes
* EZ Squeeze Clay Gun Handle and Clay Gun Extruder can be sold separately; contact your Education Consultant for details.
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