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Body Is A Weaving



When he teaches, Jon Zahourek keeps it real. His verbiage swings from relatable imagery to the technical language of science.

This clip prompts thinking about the overlooked anatomical business of growth.

We might focus on bones or organs, but the body as a whole—what holds us all together—cannot be overlooked.

And all the anatomical activity that goes into making growth happen.

Jon has got a point. We need to appreciate the mesh.

Fibroblast: a cell in connective tissue which produces collagen and other fibers.

Osteoblast: a cell that secretes the matrix for bone formation.

Chondroblasts: cells that secrete the major component of the cartilage, i.e. the extracellular matrix (ECM).

Yes, weaving is a blast.*

(*The suffix "blast" is used in cellular biology to denote a stem cell or a cell in an activated state of metabolism.)







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