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Appropriate Anatomical Knowledge

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

One thing Jon Zahourek routinely emphasizes is that a model of human anatomy is always close at hand.


It’s always there as a reference. “Your own body is your library,” says Zahourek in this classic video.

So whenever you want to challenge common assumptions, feel free to do so. Jon’s classes often include moments that look like they belong in a Zumba class. Or chair yoga. Or calisthenics.

Stretch. Reach. Bend. Twist.

Your body is comprehending. And so are you—creating a loop of learning.

A muscle’s function changes depending on what it’s being asked to do. Right? “There are no easy answers about function in anatomy.” That seems like a central tenet.

As you feel your body perform certain tasks—or simply change shape and attitude because it can—you are “making sense” of anatomy. With your own body. And that’s entirely appropriate anatomical knowledge.







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