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Test Drive!

The pandemic provided a gut check for many companies. Anatomy in Clay® Learning System has been no different.

For most of its history, Anatomy in Clay® Learning System has relied on in-person workshops to fulfill its mission of anatomy education through hands-on learning.

The pandemic changed that. Social distancing gave a long-term rain check to classroom learning and professional development conferences like the ACTE (Association for Career & Technical Education), HOSA (Future Health Professionals), and NSTA (National Science Teaching Association).

April Albrecht, a self-described “utility player” with more than 11 years of experience handling the marketing side of the company, knows that until you put your hands on clay and build on a model, that it’s hard to appreciate the Anatomy in Clay® Learning System. Working remotely, she thought: “How are we going to reintroduce ourselves?”

The answer? The brand-new Anatomy in Clay® Test Drive Program!

So how does it work?

You choose a model. (Albrecht recommends the TORZIKEN™ model or MANIKEN® Student 2 or Classic 11 models, but animal and joint models are also available.) Your model of choice will arrive in the mail, complete with clay and a tool kit. An “intro page,” that links to how-to videos and terminology worksheets, is also included. For Albrecht, the Test Drive Program offers everything you learn in an actual Anatomy in Clay® workshop — delivered at your doorstep, to be completed on your own time.

All models sent out in the Test Drive Program are brand new. Upon receiving the models, you have 60 days to build and learn with full access to support materials. At the end of the 60 days, you can either buy and forever keep the contents; or you can ship back the model, at which point it will be incorporated into a lending program for future use.

Albrecht points out that the Anatomy in Clay® models “aren’t just any old skeleton.” After sitting in on more than one of the popular CoreDataworkshops herself, Albrecht has seen that the models are complete with membranes, tendons and ligaments. The clay, of course, provides the musculature, bringing the skeleton to life.

Costs for the 60-day, no-strings-attached Test Drive range from $40 to $60. Essentially, you pay for the shipping/handling and the clay.

Whether you’re in a high school course, a Massage Therapy or Veterinary program, or just want to learn more about the human body, test drive a model! There is more to remote learning than just online classes/videos. With a model, you realize, for example, that without properly crossing the elbow joint, the bicep’s brachii does not function. “That’s the experience,” Albrecht says, “that we hope people have with the Test Drive Program.

Read more about the new Test Drive Program here.


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