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Tibiotalar Joint – Range of Motion Humans vs. Horse

Stop and think of all the joints in the human body.

For that matter, any mammal.

One place to study form and function is in how one bone works with and/or interacts with the next.

Check this brief, interesting video clip below from Jon Zahourek looking at the comparisons between horse and human tibiotalar joints.

You can practically feel the strength and power in the horse as Jon demonstrates the “tremendous mortising” and “tremendous design” of the horse’s tibiotalar joint. By comparison, the human version looks relatively useless, right?


Yes, ankle.

We’re very big into words around here. Did you know ‘ankle’ is from Old English, ancleow, from the old root word ‘ang’ or ‘ank:’ to bend.

If you’re going to run like Secretariat or Seabiscuit, good mortising is key.

Take this video to the next level! Study comparative anatomy of the forelimb with the MANIKEN® & EQUIKEN® Comparative Pectoral Model.

View complete collection of "Anatomy Insights with Jon Zahourek" videos.






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