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We Would Love to Hear Your Story!

ANATOMY IN CLAY®Learning System needs you!

We would love to hear your story.

That is, we would love to hear your experiences with using the learning system as a teaching tool or, if you’re a student, your experiences studying anatomy using our hands-on approach.

Whether you have been using the learning system for a decade or two or if you just encountered it this year, we would love to chat with you.

How do you let us know you would like to be considered?

We thought you would never ask.

It’s easy.

Drop an email to Mark Stevens at and let him now, briefly, your perspective. He will follow up with you and find a time to chat (or you might exchange information by email).

Mark helps us behind the scenes at ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System with our communications. He helps us tell our story. He has helped with photographs that show up on Facebook and Twitter.

(And if you haven’t ‘liked’ our Facebook page or followed us on Twitter, feel free to do so.)

Mark also helps us put together videos featuring users of our learning system. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here and also check out some of our recent videos, too.

But what’s in it for you?

Well, we believe in sharing and in the power of networking, of spreading “what works.”

If you’re a teacher, we have a hunch you know about the power of tips and ideas from your colleagues and we know for a fact that you’ve helped other teachers when they have come to you with questions. Good teachers don’t keep secrets to themselves, do they?

This is the same idea. We are simply trying to capture the wide variety of experiences that are out there.

And, at the same time, this could also help you, too!

Schools and teachers in this country continue to shift more and more toward hands-on learning. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education remains a powerful force today. So does STEAM (add ‘Arts’ to that list above). We all know that hands-on learning works. Look at Project Lead the Way, too. They’ve been pushing for improved hands-on learning in schools for twenty years and have impacted millions and millions of students.

Project Lead the Way believes in schools using an activity-, project-, and problem-based instruction design. (We are taking this straight from their website).

PLTW believes in hands-on, real-world activities, projects, and problems that help students understand how the knowledge and skills they develop in the classroom may be applied in everyday life.

Of course, in the realm of studying human anatomy, we believe we have a tool that fits all of the above criteria—hands-on, activity-based, and project-based. Wouldn’t you agree?

And wouldn’t you want the world to know that your school is using cutting-edge learning systems? Well, we can help broadcast that fact.

We wish we could follow every one of our models as it gets shipped out the door and find out how it’s going over, but this plea for your help is the best we can do.

We’d love to hear from you!


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