Basic Muscles & Ligaments of the Human Shoulder

1 hour, 7 minutes | Supplementary Materials |  Breakout Activities

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What You'll Learn

  • Skeletal System of the Human Shoulder

  • Basic Muscles of the Human Shoulder

  • Basic Ligaments of the Human Shoulder

  • How to Build the Human Shoulder in Clay

  • How to Build Injuries of the Human Shoulder in Clay

What's Included

Your choice of:

  • Course Only (90-Day Access | $134)

  • Course Only (Lifetime Access | $268)

  • Course, SuperMANIKEN™ Shoulder Model, Clay & Tools (90-Day Access | $343.99)

  • Course, SuperMANIKEN™ Shoulder Model, Clay & Tools (Lifetime Access | $477.99)

Digital Resources

  • 1 hour, 7 minutes of exceptional, pre-recorded relevant teaching content.

  • 90-day access to the entire course, including comprehensive resources, tools, and templates, opens as soon as access link is received. (Option to extend the course for an additional 30 days for $99 is available during registration.)

  • Clear, straight-forward lessons and activities designed by an experienced educator.

  • 2-hour Certificate of Completion upon finishing course.

What You'll Need

  • An internet connection -- broadband wired or wireless.

  • A computer system or device capable of streaming video through a current and updated web browser such as Mozilla, Chrome or Safari.

  • An email address, which will be used to access your Anatomy On Demand™ Course.

  • A clean and organized space large enough for your device, Arthrologik™ Joint Model, support materials, clay, and tools.

Have questions while unboxing your shipment? Want clay building tips from a pro? Video coaching sessions with an Education Consultant are a quick click away, and will always be complimentary to you, as a professional development attendee.

Meet Your Instructor

Debbi Warren

Debbi Warren_Pic.jpg

A.A. in Radiologic Technology
Oregon Institute of Technology

B.S. in Biochemistry
Southern Oregon University
M.S. in Secondary Education
with Environmental Education Endorsement
Southern Oregon University

Post-Grad Physics
University of Oregon

Experience & Credentials
Anatomy In Clay®
Professional Development Educator
7 years
Anatomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics & Medical Health Educator
Medford School District
30 years (retired 2022)

Radiologic Technologist
Providence Hospital, Valley Medical Center, & ASANTE Medical Center
13 years

Mentor to First & Second Year Math & Science Teachers
5 years

Debbi enjoys rafting, biking, gardening, and spending time with her grandkids.


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Basic Muscles & Ligaments of the Human Shoulder
An Anatomy In Clay® On Demand Course

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